Travelling. On the train, the plane, in the car we are together with other people, for a short time we are experiencing the same situation. Looking out of the window of the vehicle, the landscape around us seems still. As we are getting further and further from home, another journey starts inside us, we will have a clear view of our whole life, our everyday life and the problems occupying our minds. In this way a kind of transubstantiation and understanding come into being, while the land surrounding us starts to communicate with us. However, there will always be one essential point: the window of the vehicle. This is important becuase this is a border between spaces. This is the boundary (the cover of the vehicle), one of the points, which is the characteristic of the vehicle. This connects the passengers. Different people, lives, fates.... They often have a lot in common. In case of a train, there are more people travelling together in the same place and time. If something happens to the vehicle, these people will share the same destiny or they will be part of the same history.